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The Burkett Family

Beginning with:

Thomas Burkett
(1780 - October, 1850)

Sarah McAdoo
(1792 - 1860)

Thomas was born in 1780 in Georgetown, Georgetown County, South Carolina. Records show he resided in the Marlboro District, South Carolina in 1800; in Humphreys, Tennessee in 1820; in Perry, Tennessee in 1830; and in 1840 he resided in Henderson, Tennessee.

His occupation was as a carpenter and a joiner. In a century when most structures were built from wood, no tradesmen were more useful than the carpenter and joiner. The main business of the colonial carpenter was to cut and join timber and board into sturdy wooden homes and shops. Joinery is one of the specializations of carpentry.

In 1810, Thomas married Sarah McAdoo, the daughter of David and Margaret McAdoo. Sarah was born in 1792 in Guilford, North Carolina. In David McAdoo's Will recorded April 14, 1815 in Dickson County, Tennessee recorded in Book A page 33, 34, and 35 it reads:

Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Burkett fifty acres of land on the east end. I likewise give and bequeath to my said daughter, Sarah one dollar in cash to be paid unto her within one year of my decease.
Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary McAdoo and to be delivered unto her when she comes of age, one bed and furniture at her mother's discretion one horse saddle and bridle in value equal to the one her sister, Sarah got, one cow and calf and one hundred dollars in other property.

Thomas Burkett was listed in the men of the Natchez Expedition of 1813, serving with Captain Bradley, Troop 10. (Tennessee Genealogical Society Records). In November 1812, the Governor of Tennessee received a call for 1500 volunteers for the defense of New Orleans. Thus President Madison concealed the real purpose of this expedition to Natchez, which was the invasion and occupation of West Florida, for New Orleans was not then threatened by the British. Andrew Jackson was Major-General of Tennessee Militia. John Coffee raised a troop of cavalry, and when Jackson's army was finally organized, Coffee was elected Colonel of the regiment of cavalry, or mounted gunmen, numbering 670. They assembled at Franklin, and on January 19, 1813, the overland march began. On February 16, they united with Jackson's other two regiments. They stopped at Washington, in the territory of Mississippi, a short way from Natchez. Great was the disappointment of officers and men when, after a month of idleness, an order came from the War department to disband, General Jackson, instead, led the force back to Nashville at his own expense, for which he was later reimbursed. For this Andrew Jackson earned the title "Old Hickory". [Source: "Ansearchin' News" June 1957]

Thomas died of rheumatism in October 1850 in Lexington District, Tennessee and is buried in Henderson, Tennessee. Sarah died in 1860 also in Henderson, Tennessee.

Thomas and Sarah's children:

1. William Burkett; b. June 6, 1816

William Burkett
(June 6, 1816 - January 20, 1879)

Lydia J. Smith
(January 6, 1820 - November 10, 1879)

William was born June 6, 1816 in Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee, the son of Thomas Burkett and Sarah McAdoo. William married Lydia J. (Lidy) Smith in 1840. Lydia was born on January 6, 1820 in Chatham County, North Carolina, the daughter of Benjamin Smith (born circa 1789) and Mary Phillips (born circa 1799).

Census records state that William resided in District 10, Henderson, Tennessee in 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870.

William died on January 20, 1879 in Henderson and is buried in the Antioch Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee. Lydia died on November 10, 1879 also in Henderson County and is buried beside William.

William and Lydia's children:

1. James F. Burkett
2. Mary Burkett; b. abt. 1839. M. Jasper N. Teague
3. Josephine Burkett
4. William H. Burkett
5. Amanda Burkett
6. Elizabeth Burkett; b. abt. 1849; d. 1888; m. Charles Taylor Teague

William Burketts Headstone

Lydia Burkett's Headstone

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