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The Short Family

Landman Short, Sr., born ca. 1737, is the oldest man we know with this name. He served in the Edgecombe County, NC, Militia in the 1750's, patented 700 acres in Johnston County, NC, in 1762, and appeared on Wake County, NC records from 1771 until 1804. Between December 1778 and April 1780 Landman acquired 1,880 acres in Wake County. He transferred several parcels of land to men believed to be his adult children. The particular deed book for this time period has been lost, but the index to the deed book has survived, mentioning only the names of grantor and grantee. In May of 1802, Landman Short (Sr.) transferred land to Josiah, Needham, and Burwell Short, proved by Nathaniel Jones. In November of 1804 Landman Short, Sr., transferred land to Landman Short, Jr., proved by George Crowder. In 1797 Landman Short (Sr.) served as security for the second marriage of Sion Short. Based on these documents, is assumed that the sons Landman Short, Sr., were Sion Short, Needham Short, Josiah Short, Burwell/Burrel Short, and Landman Short, Jr. All but Burrel Short, who went to White County, TN, were in Barren County, KY, by 1810. There is some evidence that Landman Sr. may have lived long enough to accompany his sons to Barren County, KY, because an early Tax List (about 1807-1811) in Barren County, KY, exempts one Landman Short from paying taxes. Exemptions were usually given to persons of advanced age.

The 1800 US Census shows Landman Short in Hillsborough, Wake County, North Carolina.

Landman's children were:

         Josiah Short
         Sion Short
         Needham Short
         Burwell Short
         Landman Short, Jr.

Josiah Short and his wife Sophia Box were married in North Carolina, date unknown. Josiah is estimated to have been born about 1780 and Sophia about 1779, both in North Carolina. Josiah's date of death is unknown, Sophia died in 1849 in Polk County, Arkansas. Their children were born in North Carolina and Tennessee, but this is unproven. The children known were:

Lucinda Short (b. 1810)
George Washington Short (b. 2/8/1812)
Sophia Short (b. 11/28/1813) married William Norton (1809-1860) in 1832
Nancy Short (b. 3/30/1815) married Edward Norton (1815-1885) in 1833
Elizabeth Short (b. 1820-25)

Vicky Seibel
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