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The Tomlinson Family

From The Archives in Nashville from research by Robert Scarlett:

The surname Tomlinson originated from the Christian name Thomas. The Tomlinson family is said to be of Welch descent tracing from the same family origin as Thomas of Liwyn Madoc, County Brecknock and Thomas of Welfield, County Rednor, which is that source of Noble and Gentle Blood. Elystan Glodrydd, Prince of Eferllys is another of the blood line. We find Tomlinsons in England as early as 1379, when Henricus Thomlynson is mentioned in the York Poll Tax and records. Tomlinson is mentioned in the Howdenshire Poll Tax.

Variety of the surname is shown in the early spellings of the name "Tomlynson, Thomlinson, Thomlynson and Tom1inson are names mentioned as belonging to brothers in England. Reason for different spellings was probably lack of education.

A Commissioner for Ireland in 1655 was Matthew Tomlinson, one of the first recorded in government and mentioned many times. Over two centuries later, George Tomlinson was constituted, by letter patent, Bishop of Gibal and Malta. In England, well established and old branches of the family are found in counties Durham, Yorkshire, Chester and Stafford.

The first recording of Tomlinsons in American History came from Wales to America during colonial times. From the history written on them, they were of Lutheran origin. These three brothers, Samuel, Thomas and William landed in Charleston, South Carolina.

Samuel Tomlinson married Annie English, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Flynn English in England before coming to this country. After landing in Charleston, they settled in Camden, South Carolina. A second brother, Thomas moved to Pennsylvania. There are no records on him after his move there.

Another brother, William settled in Randolph County, North Carolina at a place called Bush Hill. It is most likely that the Tomlinsons in Tennessee trace back to S.C. to these first two settlers of that area. There are no facts written indicating these men ever left S. C.; however, the dates and names of the Tomlinsons who settled this area of Tennessee trace back to these earliest settlers.

Irvin Tomlinson
(August 14, 1782 - September 14, 1868)

(1776 - 1850)

Irvin was born on August 14, 1782 in North Carolina and passed away on September 14, 1868 in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee. Irvin was one of the first settlers on Cedar Creek in Wilson County (according to Drakes History 1874-1879 by James V. Drake, Published by the Lebanon Democrat in 1976. He married Sally, last name unknown. Sally was born in 1776 and died in 1850.

The 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census records show Irvin and Sally living in District 7, Wilson County, Tennessee and that Irvin was employed in agriculture.

Irvin and Sally's children:

1. Hardy T. Tomlinson
2. Henry Tomlinson; b. 1814 - November 02, 1868; m. Parilee Johnson
3. Joseph H. Tomlinson
4. Martha J. Tomlinson
5. Sarah A. Tomlinson
6. Timothy Tomlinson
7. L. Berry Tomlinson

Henry Tomlinson
(1814 - November 02, 1868)

Parilee Johnson
(1826 - 1855)

Henry was born in 1814 in North Carolina. He was the son of Irvin Tomlinson and Sally. The 1840 census shows Henry as living in Williamson, Tennessee. The 1850 census shows Henry living in Marion, Arkansas. He was living in White, Polk County, Arkansas in the 1860 census. Census records show that Henry was a farmer.

Henry married Parilee Johnson on July 28, 1838 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Parilee was born in 1826 in Wilson, Tennessee. Henry died in Scott, Arkansas on November 02, 1868. Parilee died in 1855 in Martin, Weakley County, Tennessee.

Henry and Parilee's children are:
1. Hardy Clayton Tomlinson; b. 1843; d. October 1952; married Leona Vasta Herrin
2. Louis Tomlinson
3. Martha Tomlinson
4. Louisa Tomlinson
5. Lucinda Tomlinson

Hardy (Hardisty) Clayton Tomlinson
(abt. 1843 -)

Lucy Herring
(June 1842 - 1920)

Hardy was born about 1843 in Wilson, Tennessee. Hardy's middle name is found as either Clayton or Clinton. He married Lucy Herring on September 04, 1865 in Montgomery, Arkansas. Lucy was born in June 1842, her parents were James B. Herring and Margaret Ann Taylor.

The 1860 census shows Hardy as being 17 years old living with his father Henry Tomlinson in White, Polk, Arkansas. The 1920 census shows Hardy as a widower and living in Bernard, Hughes, Oklahoma.

Records show that a Hardy Tomlinson served in the 4th Regiment, Company I, Arkansas Infantry in the Civil War, rank of private. Hardy's Petitionfor Letters of Administration for probating his Will state that he received a pension from the U.S. Government in the amount of $50.00.

Records, filed in the National Archives Film M376 roll 23, state that Hardy enlisted on 6 January 1862 at Dallas, Arkansas. He was discharged on 15 July 1862. During Hardy's time of service, the 4th McNair's Arkansas Infantry Regiment was assigned to McIntosh's Brigade, McCulloch's Division of Van Dorn's Army of the West in February, 1862. Fought at Leetown battlefield at Pea Ridge on March 7-8, 1862. Reconsolidated at Van Buren, Arkansas, then marched overland to Des Arc where the regiment was transported by steamboat to Memphis in an attempt to unite the Army of the West with the Confederate Army of Mississippi to attack Grant at Pittsburgh Landing TN, but arrived too late for the Battle of Shiloh. Reorganized at Corinth, MS on May 8, 1862. Served in Price's Division, Army of the West in the Corinth Campaign in May-June, 1862,

Hardy died on November 27, 1927 in Lamar, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma and Lucy died abt. 1920.

Hardy and Leona's children:
1. Nicholas Henry Tomlinson; b. Abt. 1869; d. 1952; m. Martha Waller
2. Rhoda Parlee Tomlinson
3. Noah Monroe Tomlinson
4. Jasper Newton Tomlinson
5. Henry Lewis Tomlinson

Nicholas Henry Tomlinson
(1868 - October 2, 1952)

Martha Waller
(March 03, 1874 - February 27, 1944)

Nicholas was born in1868 in Arkansas. In 1892, Nicholas married Martha Waller in Denton County, Texas. Martha was born on March 03, 1874 in Denton County, Texas. She was the daughter of Robert M. Waller and Mary Jane Potts.

The 1910 census shows Nicholas to be 44 years old and living in Hanna, Hughes, Oklahoma. The 1920 census shows him living in Farris, Atoka, Oklahoma, renting his home and stated that he could read and write. 1940 records show Nicholas to be 72 years old, still living in Farris, Atoka County, Oklahoma, and was a farmer and worked at least 32 hours a week. His highest level of education was elementary school, 4th grade. The only other person living with Nicholas at this time was 6 year old Martha Tomlinson.

Nicholas died October 2, 1952 in Darwin, Pushmataha, Oklahoma and is buried in the Darwin Cemetery, Antlers, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. Martha died February 27, 1944 also in Darwin and buried in the Darwin Cemetery.

Nicholas and Martha's children:
1. Richard Nicholas Tomlinson; b. June 07, 1898; d. December 14, 1965; m. Velma Ruth Farrell
2. Henry Tomlinson
3. Dewitt Tomlinson
4. Willie Tomlinson
5. Loana Tomlinson
6. Ivey Tomlinson

Richard Nicholas Tomlinson
(June 07, 1898 - December 14, 1965)

Velma Ruth Farrell
(December 13, 1903 - April 05, 1986)

Richard was born June 7, 1898 in Waupenoke, Oklahoma. In 1917, he married Velma Ruth Farrell in Atoka, Oklahoma. Velma was born on December 13, 1903 in Paris, Texas and was the daughter of James William Farrell and Ada Shepherd. It is unknown when Richard and Velma divorced.

The 1930 census shows Richard and Velma living in Brown, Stephens County, Oklahoma. He registered for the World War I draft; recorded on Roll 1851605; County: Atoka, OK. He was a farmer and worked for the civil service. The 1940 census shows Richard and Velma, along with their children Carrie, Walter E., Holmes O., Margaret, Sylvia A., and Shirley E. living in Brown, Stephens County, Oklahoma. Richard was listed as a farmer.

Velma was a school teacher. She taught schools in a variety of small towns in Texas and Oklahoma - among them were Duncan, Oklahoma, Olustee, Oklahoma, Texline, Texas, Booker, Texas, Silverton, Texas and others. Velma was a devout Church of Christ member.

Richard married Mrs. Ella Edmiston in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma on March 13, 1948. Ella was born on January 5, 1901 in Murdock, Nebraska. Her parents were Arnold A. Rikli and Martha Oehme. Her first husband is unknown. Ella died October 27, 1996 in Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma and is buried in Grace Hill Cemetery, Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma. Her headstone reads Ella Louise Edmiston.

Velma married a Mr. Baker and then she married Elbert C. Dickerson on December 5, 1968 in Hale County, Texas. Elbert was born April 9, 1897 and died on January 16, 1981. Elbert is buried in the Silverton Cemetery, Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas. Elbert and Velma's last addres together was in Gordonville, Grayson County, Texas 76245.

Richard died December 14, 1965 in Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma and is buried in Grace Hill Cemetery, Perry, Noble County, Oklahoma. Velma died on April 05, 1986 in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery, Comanche, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Richard and Velma's children:
1. Ada Tomlinson; m. John B. Forrestor
2. Richard Nicholas (Nick) Tomlinson; m. Thanksie Salmon
3. Carolyn Ora (Carrie) Tomlinson m. Forrest Pease
4. Walter Edward (Mickey; Shorty) Tomlinson m.Ella Mae Girod; m. Carrie Belle Smith April 2006.
5. Holmes Oliver (Holmsie) Tomlinson; m. Goldie Marie Hopkins
6. Margaret Ann (Peg) Tomlinson; m. Bill Arend
7. Sylvia Annette (Silvie) Tomlinson; m. Carl Wood
8. Shirley Elizabeth Tomlinson; m. LeRoy George Seibel


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